Domestic Business

We pride ourselves on the accuracy and reliability of our services. Considering the nature of the stock, inventory control is strictly monitored to ensure that adequate supplies are available and properly stored. All invoicing records are computerized allowing immediate access in the event of a drug recall. Customer transactions are strictly monitored and are easily tracked through the computerized system.

At GMPL, we consider our clients and associates as our partners. Some of our major clients include:

Pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors

Hospitals and Veterinary Practioners

Poultry / Dairy farmers and companion animals related client

World Health Organization (WHO)

Internation Business

Goa Medicos is actively involved in export of pharmaceutical formulations. Our export division is rapidly growing where we have strategic tie ups with reliable manufacturers, ensuring high quality pharmaceutical formulations for our clients. Products are offered on a neutral label basis from manufacturers about whom and about whose products we have adequate confidence.

Majority of manufacturing partners confirms to international specifications and requirements such as W.H.O.-GMP, C.G.M.P. and so on. This ensures that our global customers get International Quality products at a competitive price.